The purpose of the Fund Raising Committee is to organize events to raise money for the Library Commons and to raise awareness of the Commons project. If you would like to chip in and help with any of our events, feel free to contact the Fund Raising Committee at

Take a look below at just a very small sampling of all that we have accomplished!
Our funds to support our library come from a variety of sources. Since we are part of the Mendocino County Public Library System, some of our money comes from the county and your taxes, but most of our money is raised by the community of Round Valley through grants, and through inspired programs developed by people just like you!

Some of these include fund-raising dinners and musical events. They include sales of donated books and other items – even just plain old cash donations. We have the Sustainable Movie Night organizer to thank for funding our Seed Library and purchasing so many books about how to live well in a rural community, both valuable additions to our library. Our annual foot race held during the Blackberry Festival brings out a great crowd and has always made an important financial contribution to the Friends.

Do you have ideas of your own? We’d love to hear from you!!
So much of our emotional and financial support comes from our donors. It is through your generous contributions that we are able to keep our library up to date and our facilities in tip-top shape. Click on the text below to see who you are!


Individuals and Families

Businesses and Organizations