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July 22, 2013 - #3

Community Kitchen Update

The Round Valley Community Kitchen is now fully operational and available for rent. Our space is perfect for parties, catering, canning, baking and more. We truly are a community supported kitchen, as such, we have the opportunity to offer a professional venue where quality food businesses can develop and grow. Education is also an important part of what we do at the community kitchen. Right now Diann Simmons is teaching a nutrition basics class that has been met with much enthusiasm. The big event in the kitchen this spring was the annual friends dinner “A Taste of the Mediterranean.” Thank you to all who helped make this event a success. I was impressed with how our kitchen was able to accommodate such a large crew. Chef Denny Lopiano, together with a great group of volunteers, turned out a delicious meal. We all look forward to many more delicious events made possible by our kitchen. Thanks to valiant fundraising efforts by some of the Friends the kitchen has seen some recent improvements. Josh Zack has completed construction in the storage room. There are now hooks and knife magnets on the walls providing much more useable space. We were also able to purchase a new convection oven. The oven has been installed and is baking beautifully. Thank you to all who donated to the kitchen fund. We would like to see our kitchen continue to expand. There are still a few items on our wish list that would improve the space and make it available for a wider range of uses. If you would like to know how you can help or if you would like a tour of the kitchen, please contact the kitchen manager, Isabelle LeMieux:

Buy Local (by an old Friend)

Did you know the Covelo Farmers' Market is part of the Library/Commons property and is organized by the Friends group? Every Friday afternoon in the growing season you can find all sorts of organic fresh fruits and seasonal vegetables, baked goods, sauces, flowers, and, lately, fresh fish. This is all well and good but we need more people buying all these goodies. Why not keep the money in our local economy instead of paying big money to move food from places as far away as South America or Asia?  Fuel prices are never going to go permanently lower. Look at bread, as an example, going from less than a dollar a short time ago to about $5 a loaf these days. By keeping the money in Round Valley you not only support the vendors but they, in turn, go and spend your money at M & M, Keith's, or go out to dinner at the North Fork. There is also the health cost you need to factor in when you buy organic food. I know, it costs too much, people say. Have you been to the hospital lately? Good pesticide-free food is not so expensive when you consider how well it maintains your health.  Also consider this. When is the last time you had fun shopping at Safeway?  Come to the Farmers' Market when you can browse with the sounds of local musicians and meet your friends. Things go better not with Coke™ but with organic food from the Covelo Farmers' Market.
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