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August 12, 2013.  Issue #4

BBFFR Thirty-one     and Going Strong

          by  Ed TePas
The Round Valley Public Library has sponsored the Blackberry Festival Footrace (BBFFR) from the beginning. I was the manager of this library fund raiser for the first sixteen years. Then Warren Johnson managed for the next eleven and now Dean Meyer (picture above) is in his fourth year.  Dean has a lifetime of competitive bike racing that he brings to our footrace. His weekly "Bike Wednesday" is a big hit with the kids in Round Valley. It's a sad day for Dean when a fourth grader brings his mangled bike to him hoping he can fix it. The boys says, "My dad backed the car over it."
The average footrace benefit to the RVPL has been over $2000 per year.
Over the years the entrants numbered as high as 125 and as low as 67. But this is not the major source of income. It has always been our local sponsors, many of whom have stayed with us from the start. I am not going to name them here because I believe they sponsor the BBFFR because they believe in our cause and are not looking for publicity though we do that with posters and logos on tee shirts.  Ah yes, tee shirts. Dean is changing a pattern here which may disappoint some people but will stem the constant losses we have experienced because of unsold tee shirts. This year, instead of a tee shirt,  you can get a commemorative bumper sticker for $2 (see picture).

Footrace Facts
5K or 10K runs and 5K walk. Starting time 8:00 am Sunday August 18th. Same day registrants come early to the Library Commons which will be open at 7:00 am on race day.    Location: race starts in the center of town at Howard and Commercial Streets.   Divisions: six different age groups, male/female, wheelchairs.  Awards: trophies to winning male/female 5 and 10K runners; ribbons to top three finishers in each division plus all entrants eligible for door prize drawing.  Fees: early registrants $12.00; race day registration $15.00. Runners under 14 free with a parent participant. How to register early: go to to print entry form and mail by Tuesday at the latest or bring it to the FRVPL booth at the festival on Saturday. Entry forms will be available at the FRVPL booth as well.
Record holders: Women's 5K run: 21:52 Donna Shuler, Willits, 1989.
                       Men's 5K run: 17:12  Louis Rivera, Covelo, 1993.
                       Women's 10K run: 37:37 Laura Damiano, Fort Bragg, 1990.
                       Men's 10K run: 33:42  Terrance Boynton, Cupertino, 1990.

Why participate this year?
The Friends group of RVPL is entering a contest for the Best Small Town Library in America. First prize is $20,000. Imagine what we could do with that! We think we can win! Who else has such a great library? Now we know we are good but the judges don't know that unless we show massive support for our library. So this is the year to show that. Now I know if you are not a fitness fan the thought of running anywhere but to the fridge is repulsive but couldn't you walk for an hour for the library? Sign up at the Blackberry Festival Library booth on Saturday.  You can also join the Friends of Round Valley Public Library.  We should be able to have at least 300 people in our community willing to part with $10 (or more) to show they believe we ARE the best small town library in America. See you on Saturday.  Ed TePas, editor

The Round Valley Public Library is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am-5pm.
Information for reserving the community room & kitchen at the Library Commons on the Friends' website.
The Friends meet the first Thursday of each month in the community room at 5pm.  All are welcome to attend.

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