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December 8, 2013, Issue #8            
Ed TePas, editor

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Q-giv is coming to our website. You will soon be able to donate to the Friends and buy tote bags, etc. on our website with a credit card.

This Newsletter #8 is dedicated to Larry Fugman who is chairman of our Fund Raising committee. Larry was a somewhat reluctant subject who nevertheless deserves recognition for creating an improved social life for our community while coordinating a sustaining income to maintain our Library/Commons.
Larry Fugman, FRVPL Fund Raiser
How fitting that we see this grand person with his grand wife, Paula, and the Grand Canyon behind them. I’ll start right off by saying this issue is supposed to sing Larry’s praises for all the superb work he has done to raise money for the Library/Commons over the last seven years. On the other hand it is not possible to talk about Larry and keep Paula out of the picture. It was love at first sight (they both agree!) when they met in 1970 when Larry was working in the Model Cities program in Compton, CA and Paula was working in the Planning Department in the same building. Paula is Jewish and Larry is Methodist but all of Paula’s siblings married Methodists (!?). These two can be impulsive and strike while the iron is hot. Example: they were traveling in northern California in 1973 and because it felt just right at the time they got married by a judge in Ukiah of all places.
Larry was born in Fresno on September 2, 1945, VJ day by the way. He is the second of three sons. He went to public schools in Fresno and graduated from Fresno H.S. in 1963 where he was senior class president, just like his daughter and son at RVHS, and was a tackle on the football team at 6’3” and 200 lbs. Larry has lost 50 pounds lately and is almost back to his high school weight. Can you say that?

Larry’s dad was a carpenter who became a successful contractor and was able to send Larry to Stanford spending the grand sum of $10,000 for four years of education with an economics major; still a heavy lift in those days though many college students today spend that much over four years on textbooks and beer. Larry, however, did contribute by working at a variety of food service jobs during college and also during summers. He learned to speak French when he took six months of studies in France during his Stanford days. He passed the Law Board exam, a sort of SAT for law school, but decided he did not want to be a lawyer. Next he followed his curiosity to the Stanford Placement Office and discovered a free two-year Urban Planning program at the University of Pittsburgh where he studied for a year.

Now that he could speak French so well the Peace Corp sent him to Bolivia where most of the people speak something a bit like French which is called Spanish. After twelve weeks of intense language learning Larry was off to Bolivia where he was promptly sent to a remote village for the purpose of establishing a coffee coop. The last leg of the journey was by mule and no mule wanted to carry his trunk so the locals just dumped all his stuff out for the general population to examine much to Larry’s embarrassment but which probably made the mules happy. At 23 most of us think we can do anything but Larry soon realized he was in over his head mostly because of the lack of language skills. He finished out his Peace Corp service assisting at an already established coffee coop.

Now it’s 1970 and Larry meets Paula at his job in Compton. In the next couple of years he got a teaching credential at Cal Poly while interning in the Salinas Valley. He and Paula got married right here in our Mendocino County and a year later they found Covelo. Larry needed a job fast as Paula was pregnant with Eleyna. He had an interview with Milt Boyden, most likely the longest lasting superintendent the RVUSD ever had. Milt liked Larry but he had no jobs available. Paula and Larry ended up in San Jose with Larry acting as a permanent sub. He gets a call from Milt: “Come back. We need a first grade teacher.” So from 1974 to 2007 Larry taught primary grades for many years and then, after getting an M.A. and a Reading Specialist credential at SSU, became a reading teacher for kids who needed help in that area. Paula continued to develop the District's independent study program after their son Corey started school and enjoyed this very fulfilling work until she retired in 2007.
This is their lovely daughter Eleyna who lives in Portland with her husband Nathaniel. Eleyna is a community organizer and also visits festivals throughout the Northwest to sell baskets made of recycled chop-sticks for a company called Chopstick Art.  Eleyna recently had her Bat Mitzvah and, at, 38, is planning on becoming a rabbi. How about that!

And this is Corey with his dad going to a Giants game in San Francisco. Cory at 35 is a junior executive at Apple whose job is to make your experience at an Apple store the antithesis of what you experience when trying to change your phone or TV service. He lives in Saratoga with Amilia his east Indian wife born in the USA, and their two young girls, Zara and Lilah. A big part of Larry and Paula’s retirement life involves traveling the circuit to Portland to Fresno to the Bay Area to visit and keep in touch with their mothers, their kids, other family members, and of course those two beautiful granddaughters!

Regarding Larry’s part in the Friends of RVPL, he has some thoughts to share. He says, “I am astounded by the time, energy, expertise, and money that people have contributed to this project.” All it took was a call from Betsy Brown to get Larry involved in the FRVPL again in 2007 . “I realized this was all so real and was actually going to happen when we had the first fundraising dinner in the gutted Round Valley Inn,” Larry told me.

We can all be grateful there is someone willing to keep records on all the donations, “shepherd” (Larry’s word) the countless volunteers who help him put together the fund raisers. His latest project is “Q-giv” which is an on line program for making donations, orders, etc. at our library website.
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