Rental Equipment List:
• Kitchen aid stand mixer 7 quart capacity
• Cuisinart food processor 14 cup capacity
• Blenders
• rice cooker
• Large capacity excalibur food dehydrator
• Coffee makers
• flatware
• serving utensils
• catering equipment (chafing dishes)
• baking dishes
• cookie sheets
• Convection oven
• 6 burner commercial range w/ oven
• trays
• Stock pots
• Large and medium woks
• cutting boards
• Knives
• table ware (cups, plates, bowls)
Hand Washing Sink
Produce Washing Sink
Our Community Kitchen was developed to allow us to fill a crucial need in the valley. It allows community members to produce high quality foods in a certified kitchen for sale or home use, including local businesses that haven ’t been able to qualify for certification on their own. Having such a kitchen in the Library Commons also allows us to prepare for our fund-raising events on site. We are proud to host nutrition classes, and to use the facility for storage and for distribution of Food Bank goods. The facility is available also to local school groups.