To Whom It May Concern:
   Ten years ago I went to Covelo to study with a Katazome Master.  It is very small community comprised of about a thousand people,  mostly farmers, ranchers and a Native American reservation.  In the only shopping area was a fledgling library that had a few computers, a dozen or so book shelves and a lot of heart.  The community was determined that it was going to make a difference.   I went back every year
for the series of classes my instructor offered and watched as slowly they pulled together the funds to restore a bigger building for the library.  It was impressive.  My instructor was heavily involved in this effort so I got constant updates.  
    About the 5th year I came and I had been talking to a friend who was a book reviewer for the L.A. Times and he was talking about donating books to his local library.  (He gets boxes and boxes of books to review.)
I thought what a great idea.  I called my instructor and asked if the library would be interested in donated books from various artists.  (I work in the animation industry.)  He said yes, depending on the books.  Well 22 boxes of art, photography, graphic novels, cookbooks, fiction and books on tape later,  I drove a van up to Covelo.  
    I contacted my reviewer friend who brought over about 15 boxes of books. He told a number of friends and suddenly I was getting all sorts of people calling me and bringing books.  The books we gather are ones that have been used for research on various film projects and review books.  
    We feel that this an amazing little library that has become a center for kids to hang out in,  the community to gather and a chance to learn in.  Every year I go up for classes I bring as many books as I can.  At the moment I have about 6 boxes already for my next trip.  They are fighting a battle for literacy and the opportunity to encourage kids to continue their education, which in my opinion is why they
are perfect for this award.  
    Amazing community.

Susan Goldberg
Glendale, CA
October 5, 2013
    I am so proud of our local library and am still amazed that we have it.  So many local folks contributed time, materials, labor, and money to bring this about.  The library is absolutely beautiful, spacious, well run, well equipped, and well used.  The library includes the addition of a common room used for events and meetings and a commercial kitchen, coffee shop, the radio studio, and a farmers market area.  I have been a volunteer for the library’s KYBU radio station project since practically the beginning of the project and truly appreciate the talented volunteers who made it possible for this small community to go from having only bulletin boards and word-of-mouth communication to 24-hour radio broadcasting throughout the valley in less than two years.  This was quite a feat considering the limited number of FCC licenses available.  I really feel our library deserves to be considered among the top small-community libraries in this country.
Mary Jane Cummings
Covelo, CA
 I am a grateful user of the Round Valley Community Kitchen. I run a small catering company that uses the kitchen. Because we live in an isolated community, the customer base for local businesses is small. It can be hard for food businesses especially, to afford the overhead of having a private commercial space. The RV community kitchen is community supported, and offers a professional venue where quality food businesses can develop and grow. The environment in the kitchen is supportive, & flexible. The kitchen allows local folks the opportunity to produce products to sell at farmers market, create delicious food for public and private events, or even attend nutrition classes. I feel that having the kitchen as part of the Library Commons increases the vibrancy and diversity of our local economy. It feels good to know that the rent charged for using the space goes back into the commons and the library. If it weren ’t for the Community Kitchen I would still be saving up to start a business instead of running one. I know we have a special place here and I am thankful to be a part of it.

Isabelle LeMieux
Covelo, CA