What has KYBU done for me?
    Oh, PLEASE let me tell you.
    KYBU, by means of Friends of the Library, has allowed me, a very socially awkward (just short of panic attacks) individual to make a social connection with neighbors around the valley by giving me a way to share the music I enjoy, some memories and stories, even some viewpoints. I hope to do what I am able to develop a community thought-sharing show with either (or both) telephone call-in conversations and/or in-studio discussion groups. I would also like to do what I am able to teach others.
    I truly appreciate this opportunity and hope to help KYBU become the reason we celebrate the fact that WE HAVE A RADIO STATION!

Round Valley’s very own radio station.
Radio ‘round the Valley

Thank you, Thank you,
Friends of the Library-

Peace Y’All
Dixie De
Covelo, CA