I first started volunteering at the Round Valley Public Library in the Spring of 2010, after the new library space opened, helping with the front desk and assisting with recruiting and training library volunteers.
    I love being in the library - not only is it full of information, it is full of wonderful volunteers and patrons who love learning.  I take great advantage of the interlibrary loan system and have taught myself how to sew, garden and preserve with the assistance of the library collection!  
    The library and the Library Commons are spaces that encourage community - it is a space that everyone gathers.  I always plan on an extra 15 minutes when I visit the library because I know I will run into at least a few people that I want to talk with.  
    In the Spring of 2011, I and other volunteers began meeting weekly to discuss the possibility of obtaining an FCC permit to start a radio station.  The group’s goal of creating a community radio station that educated, informed and connected our community fit perfectly with the mission of the Friends of the Library.  The Friends sponsored the radio project and provided the necessary structure, guidance and encouragement to our nascent organization to succeed in obtaining an FCC license and commence broadcasting in December 2011.  Their support is vital to the success of our project.  
    KYBU Round Valley Community Radio now broadcasts a mix of music, news and public affairs programming.  It excites me whenever a friend of mine refers to a news story or community event announcement they “heard on the radio.”   Radio meetings for ongoing administration of the station still take place weekly in the Community Room of the Library Commons - anyone can walk in and join the open meeting.  
    Being a part of the volunteer community has been one of the best parts of moving to Round Valley.  I have met many wonderful families and individuals while volunteering at the front desk and in radio meetings.  The library staff and volunteers are more than co-workers - they are my friends.

Emily Ellickson-Brown