3. Where does District money come from?
• The RVCWD receives a portion of the County property taxes assessed on owners within the District Boundaries.
• Funding for Flood Control, Stream Bank Restoration and Watershed Studies has come from Federal and State Funding Grants.
4. How large is the District?
• The RVCWD boundaries include 33,298 acres or 52 square miles.
5. How do I know if I am in the District?
• See the enclosed District Map to see if your property is within the District’s Boundaries
• If you receive County Election Ballots with the RVCWD Board Postings, you are in the District
• The Round Valley Indian Tribal Land within the Boundary is also included within the District.
6. Will the District meter our wells?
• No, the RVCWD has no plans to meter or regulate groundwater use in Round Valley.  On July 5th, 2011; the RVCWD announced its Intention to Develop a Groundwater Management Plan (GMP) for Round Valley (specified in CA AB3030).
7. What is a Groundwater Management Plan?
• The GMP primary purpose is to monitor groundwater levels, not to regulate groundwater usage.
8. How much water can I divert from the creeks/rivers?
• Water removal from the creeks is regulated by the CA Dept. of Fish and Game, State Water Resource Board and in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act.  The RVCWD does not regulate stream or groundwater use, nor does it enforce any State or Federal Laws.
9. Who owns the creeks?
• Round Valley Creeks are owned by and within Tribal or Private Property rights.  These creeks are considered seasonal, and do not require public access or use rights.  
10. What regulatory authority does the District have?
• None, the RVCWD is not an enforcement entity.
11. How can I participate in the District?
• The RVCWD meets 1x/mo., the last Weds. @7pm, at the CCSD Office at 76301 Main St.  Office Phone#: 983-8383, PO Box 535. Meetings and Agendas are Publically Posted 3 days prior to Board Meetings.
• We are currently looking for wells to collect groundwater level data from.
12. Do you need volunteers?
• Not at this time.
13. Are there any employment opportunities with the District?
• Not at the moment.
14. Who do I contact regarding water district questions or concerns?
• Manager:  Lee Marder 983-8383 or RVCWD PO Box 535 Covelo
15. Who's responsible the Valley's water quality?
• Everyone in Round Valley is responsible for its water quality.
 Regularly Scheduled Meetings How to Become a Supp
Commonly Asked Questions

1. When was the District formed?
• On the 17th of February, 1953; the Secretary of the State of California officially recognized the Round Valley County Water District (RVCWD) and its boundaries which had been approved by the County Voters and County Board of Supervisors in January of 1953.
2. Why was the District formed?
• The RVCWD was specifically formed in order to negotiate with State and Federal Agencies for Water Rights to the North Fork of the Eel River, the proposed Franciscan Dam (and Short Creek and Williams Creek), and to obtain Funding for irrigation projects in Round Valley.
• On June 30th, 1961; the Round Valley Storm Water District was consolidated into the RVCWD by approval of the Board of Directors.

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